“Every step of the way, the entire team of Way 2 Much delivered spectacular results.”


The client came to us with a specific conceptual event called “Cirque du Tacori”. In addition to exceptional talent, they wanted a unique way to display their stunning new pieces of high end jewelry to their international sales clientele.


  • Five couture specialty cirque performers were utilized to model and display the jewelry. The jewelry was incoroporated into the overall costume concept. The performers, and their performances, represented the four natural elements and metal. In addition to atmospherically displaying the jewelry, each performer had a solo performance piece that coordinated with their element.

    • Earth – A green goddess performed a unique hand-balancing act with a male partner.

    • Air – A yellow themed aerial performer performed an ethereal piece over the pool area.

    • Fire – A red fire goddess performed a mesmerizing fire performance

    • Water – A blue water nymph performed a dance piece in a floating sphere on top of the pool.

    • Metal – A gorgeous silver stilt performer set the event a-spark with a unique act that uses a grinder to create sparks off of her metal costume.


      An airbrush station with custom stencils provided an interactive experience.


      A world class DJ kept the party atmostphere grooving.
      Custom designed lighting transformed the small hotel pool area into an outdoor TACORI showroom.

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