“We looked at multiple entertainment companies, but in the end we felt the most comfortable with Way 2 Much and saw that their vision best matched ours in both ideas and enthusiasm.”


The event concept evoked the glamour of the Golden Age of Hollywood when movies were black and white and filled with glittering stars. The event layout and flow purposefully and visually communicated the magnificient time period when black and white movies shifted to electrifying Technicolor films. The entertainment needed to reflect the themed and be captivating for the entire duration of the event.


The classic black and white portion of the event featured dueling pianists, “Fred and Ginger” styled ballroom dancers, a full swing band, a glittering chanteuse on a crescent moon shaped aerial apparatus and silver “Ziegfield” styled celestial stiltwalkers. As guests passed through a “Technicolor” tent, created using elaborate projection screens, atmospheric performers such as a Technicolor butterfly in a sphere, the birds from “Up” created entirely of balloons, and a “Wizard of Oz” manipulating enormous bubbles interacted with attendees. Main stage entertainment featured mini “pop-up” vignettes capturing famous Hollywood moments a modern tap-dancing, acrobatic “Wizard of Oz”, a Moulin Rouge mash-up with elegantly styled Rococo stilt walkers and racy can-can, alongside a modern “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” with break-dancing gentlemen and Marilyn inspired dancers, and a “California Girls” aerial trio performance. All of this was backed by a fantastic and energetic live band that kept the party rolling between acts.

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