The client was interested in creating an outdoor event around the theme "Chill" that spanned an enormous multi-pool Palm Desert Resort. This day-to night event also needed innovative ways to bridge the gap between the hours.

Guests arriving at the event were greeted by our gorgeous Ice Princess stilt walker, who led the way to the "Chill Zone."

Elegantly dressed greeters fanned and misted guests as they entered the pool area.

Vintage bathing beauties and mermaid cuties graced the pools in whimsical pool floats for the eventing, the floats were illuminated with internal LED lights

The Ice princess stilt walker joins an electric cellist while a whimsical Sno Cone hostess serves up adult sno-cones. Ethereal white wind dancers capture the afternoon desert breeze.

In the evening hours, LED lights illuminated all of the characters, bringing them new life; while the greeters offered frozen refreshments and gave guests the royal treatment with personal hand and foot massages and rose water misting.

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